Geopile Engineering Sdn Bhd specializes in self-drilling anchoring (hollow bar drilling) micropiling, tension pile, underpinning, soil nailing, tunnelling, and foundation services.

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A micropile is a small diameter pile which is used in various applications with ground engineering.

Micropiling / Underpinning
Micropiling / Underpinning

Soil/Rock Nailing is a construction method used to maintain or enhance the stability of the soil or rock mass by installing reinforcing elements (nails).

soil nailing / slope stabilization
soil nailing / slope stabilization

SDA Self-drilling anchors are part of the excavation process and serve as primary soil/rock support.


Self-drilling Anchor (SDA)

Machine Overall Dimension

MC 235 is a Self-drilling Anchor (SDA) hydraulic drilling rig specifically designed for executing ground engineering work in confined or low overhead spaces, difficult access jobsites, inside buildings, basements and small tunnels.

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